Bariblock® offers considerable advantages in comparison to other, equivalent solutions: it allows you to cut costs, cut down on building times as well as the impact on the environment; all the while preserving its flexibility of use.



ecosotenibilitaBeing of natural origin, Bariblock®

provides protection against radiation, in full respect of the environment.

Unlike lead or other foundry derivatives, barite aggregate – the main component of the mixture – is easy to store, dispose of and is not polluting.

Bariblock® provides natural protection against radiation through the intrinsic characteristics of the mineral, giving the block its high specific weight, and the pointed wedge shape on all sides, ensuring a perfect fit between blocks.

No foundries or metallurgy facilities of debatable impact on the environment are required to produce Bariblock®.

We simply assemble barite, concrete and water together in an intelligent shape.



Being contained in size and easy to handle,  Bariblock® is suitable for the most diverse applications in the field of radiation protection. Because of how the blocks fit together perfectly, and the possibility of covering them with various wall facings, it is possible to build walls of any thickness.

This versatility makes  Bariblock® ideal for new builds as well as upgrading existing facilities: such as, for example, new hospital clinics, upgrading instrumental laboratories or applications in the industry of non-destructive testing.

Bulky lead panels were the solution of the past Bariblock®  blocks are easy to transport and can even reach the tightest bunkers.


Simple installation

Installing Bariblock® is simple and quick, unlike the installation of heavy lead panels.

Any construction worker can install shielding correctly with Bariblock®, by following the few simple rules provided in the specification section.

All you need to do is spread barite mortar bed on every contact surface between the blocks!

Continuous protection

With traditional shielding it is difficult to ensure continuity of radiation protection between adjacent elements. Bariblock®, on the other hand, provides personal health protection by uniformly blocking radiation through a solution that exploits the geometry of the block combined with barite mortar grouting.

Continuity  is provided by the composition of the mortar as well as the slotting together of the wedge-shaped blocks which ensure the minimum design thickness over the entire wall.


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