Bariblock is environmentally friendly, versatile, and easy to install and long term protection

Bariblock® offers significant advantages over equivalent lead and concrete solutions: it reduces costs, construction time and environmental impact, while maintaining flexibility of use.




Bariblock is an eco-sustainable product that is assemble with barite, cement and water without the need for foundries or metallurgical plants of discussed environmental impact.

In fact, thanks to the intrinsic properties of the mineral, it is able to shield ionizing radiation in a natural way, unlike lead or other foundry derivatives. Being of natural origin, the inert barite – the main component of the mixture – is easy to store and dispose of.



Bariblock is used in many different sectors thanks to its versatility: because of how the blocks fit together perfectly, and the possibility of covering them with various wall facings, it is possible to build walls of any thickness.

This versatility makes Bariblock® ideal for new buildings as well as upgrading existing facilities: such as, for example, new hospital clinics, upgrading instrumental laboratories or applications in the industry of non-destructive testing.

They are easily transportable and lend themselves to various uses in radiation protection.


Simple installation

The easy handling of Bariblock barites blocks makes installation easier and faster, unlike lead panels. For the installation, there is no need of specialized workers: any construction worker can correctly install a radio protective shielding with Bariblock products by following a few simple rules reported in the specifications section.

Continuous protection

With traditional shielding, it is difficult to ensure continuity of radiation protection between adjacent elements. Bariblock®, on the other hand, provides personal health protection by uniformly blocking radiation through a solution that exploits the geometry of the block combined with barite mortar grouting.

The composition of the mortar as well as the slotting together of the wedge-shaped blocks, which ensure the minimum thickness over the entire wall, provide continuity.


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