Radiation-shielding is a common problem in several fields: health care, industry and research.

Health care

The most common sources of ionizing radiation requiring shielding are radioactive isotopes and radiology equipment, such as X-ray machines, CT scanners and radiology equipment in general.

Bariblock offers extremely efficient and economic protection to shield this radiation: it blocks its spread in the spaces adjacent to the medical equipment and in the adjacent rooms. In this way it protects the health of people working or passing through these places. Properly insulated spaces are of crucial importance to ensure the safety and health of working environments.


Bariblock® offers suitable shielding used in industry for non-destructive testing of materials. It provides effective radiation protection in nuclear plants or in centers that use cyclic production with radioactive isotopes.



Bariblock® products represent an innovative insulating solution also in the scientific field for shielding radiation released by linear accelerators.

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