Fallout Bunker: We reinforce your house walls or cellars with BARIBLOCK® baryte blocks against nuclear radiation.

BARIBLOCK® produces underground fallout bunkers that aim at creating an environment that provides maximum protection in the event of a nuclear catastrophe.

A safe place: the fallout bunker

With BARIBLOCK® you can build a private, tailor-made fallout bunker for your home within a week. Our team of engineers can find the best solution for your home, to strengthen its defences and ensure safety and survival in case of natural events or war.

How to build a private fallout bunker, and in how much time?

The simple handling of BARIBLOCK® radiation shielding blocks makes installation quick and easy. There is no need of skilled labour for the installation: any construction worker can correctly install a radioprotective shielding with BARIBLOCK® products by following a few simple rules listed in the product specifications.

SVA S.r.l. has a decades long experience in the design and construction of baryte concrete bunkers reinforced against ionising radiation. Whether it is a bunker for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), radiology departments, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine or other, our technicians and radiation protection experts will help you find the most effective technical/economic solution.

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