Private fallout bunker

Placed on existing walls, BARIBLOCK® blocks shield from nuclear radiation

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Application in the healthcare sector

Bariblock® provides efficient shielding against ionising radiations


Application in Industry

Bariblock® guarantees maximum safety for workers in facilities where ionising radiation is used in production processes



Bariblock®shields against radiation without polluting and is easy to dispose of


Technical support

Bariblock® offers a dedicated assistance service for shield design and building phases


No specialised labour

With Bariblock® shielding walls go up easily and quickly, without requiring specialised labour


Latest Bariblock® International Research Results Available

The results of recent international research on the Bariblock® barytic block have been published on the European Physical Journal Plus of the Springer Nature group. The tests concern the macroscopic cross section of neutrons in baryte concrete in the energy range between 1 meV and 1 keV.

Bariblock for shielding a bunker for non destructive testing (NDT) by means of a barytic concrete door

Thanks to its low cost compared to the competitors, barytic concrete chosen for the construction of an automated door to a bunker for non destructive testing.

Bariblock for shielding the TRIGA MARK II nuclear reactor channel

In the Laboratory of Applied Nuclear Energy L.E.N.A. of the University of Pavia is in service the TRIGA MARK II, a reactor for nuclear fission research.

Bariblock: barite ionizing radiation shielding

SVA, leading company in the production of shielding panels, is specialized in new buildings and renovations as well as in electromagnetic shielding and radiation protection works. Radiation shielding is important both in the medical sector, to ensure the safety and health of those who work in spaces where investigations are carried out with x-ray machines, and in the industrial sector for shielding nuclear plants or in centers where are used radioactive isotopes with production cycles. Created from barite inert and combined with Portland cement, Bariblock® is an innovative and eco-sustainable product capable of shielding radiation potentially harmful to the individual. A valid alternative to traditional solutions such as lead slabs, Bariblock has a high volume mass that involves low thickness, fast installation and reduce construction costs.

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