Bariblock® is a block of high density, vibrated barite concrete in the shape of a pointed wedge, developed for building radiation-shielding walls. Unlike traditional lead walls, it is lighter, easy to install and dispose of, without polluting. It guarantees maximum safety during installation and effective protection for personal health, in full respect of the environment.

To fulfil architectural requirements and observe overall dimensions,  Bariblock® is available in two thicknesses: Bariblock®10, with a thickness of 100 mm and  Bariblock®15, with a thickness of 150 mm.



Lenght [mm] 250
Thickness [mm] 100
Height [mm] 200
Nominal density [Kg/m3] ≥3300
Pieces per m2 20
Required barite mortar [Kg/pc] =1



Length [mm] 170
Thickness [mm] 150
Height[mm] 200
Nominal density  [Kg/m3] ≥3300
Pieces per m2 20
Required barite mortar  [Kg/pc] =1


Accessory Products

Bariblock® Barite Mortar

Barite mortar bed is recommended for sealing the contact surfaces between blocks, to ensure perfect continuity and uniformity of the shield, thanks to the density characteristics of the mortar which are comparable to the block.
Bariblock® Barite Sand – with a particle size of less than 2 mm and a nominal density of 4,100 kg/m3, it is mixed with Portland cement and water.



Barite Granulata Bariblock®

The range of solutions for  Bariblock® radiation shielding also includes loose ground barite. With the help of our technical staff, it is possible to prepare a customised barite concrete mixture using  Bariblock® Ground Barite, suitable for the most diverse and specific fields of application.


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